!MAYDAY! Featuring Tech N9ne "Run Up" Official Video • Word Is Bond

Even on the ‘underrated’ list, !MAYDAY! continues to create billboard hits celebrated worldwide. The group is a rarity and known for their Hip-Hop and Reggae infused flows and cadences, that are embraced by a variety of music genres.  The latest single “Run Up” features Tech N9ne and although the track is one to ride around […]

Ra-Sool – “MsBehavin” (Video) | UndergroundHipHopBlog.com

All summer long, the West Coast has been boiling hot with new artists breaking out onto the mainstream landscape. Helping lead the charge is Phoenix, Arizona buzzworthy new recording artist known as Ra-Sool (also Ra-Sool The Alpha). Coded with a variety of styles and star power, the new comer grabs his fellow upriser Stanboi for […]

Legendary Caribbean Deejay Spragga Benz Kicks off Summer with "Spread Out" • Word Is Bond

For the last decade or so, music fans have been listening to island influences leaking through radio stations, with Rihanna’s single “Work” and her collaboration with Drake on the  track “What’s My Name” giving calypso, digital dancehall, and shotta music new life in a new home. This mainstream fixation is the product of a larger […]

(O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 3.25.16

DJ Jazzy Jeff, a humble champion of hip-hop. “Music is the most loving and most confusing thing in my life. It keeps me up at night. If I hear a great song, I sing it all in my sleep. If I hear a great album I’ll live with it for four or five months and […]

Lesterfari & Kings Music ft. Stevie Wonder — “Waiting In Vain” (Live Bob Marley Cover) (VIDEO).

At Simply Wholesome in Los Angeles, circa 2013. “Stevie walked in, felt the vibes, set up his keyboard from outer space, jammed with us a bit, and then sang “Waiting in Vain” by Bob Marley. Thank you for jamming Stevie.” [Via Soulhead. h/t @gonzomike] Originally from egotripland.com: Lesterfari & Kings Music ft. Stevie Wonder — […]