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Lauryn Hill responds to Robert Glasper’s comments that she stole music from ‘The Miseducation…’, a claim that were made on Houston’s 97.9 The Box a few weeks back with a statement. She wanted to respond right after her debut solo album’s 20th anniversary date passed.

In the statement, she addresses a number of things, such what it was like for her to work with new musicians, Robert Glasper, old rumors, and her live performances.

“-The Miseducation was the first time I worked with musicians outside of the Fugees who’s report and working relationship was clear. In an effort to create the same level of comfort, I may not have established the necessary boundaries and may have been more inviting than I should have been. In hindsight, I would have handled it differently for the removal of any confusion …  I may have been inclusive, but these are my songs.”

She goes on to address Glasper..

“-I’m confused as to why such a principled musician, who thought I ‘stole’ from his friends, would show up to work for me anyway. If that was hypocrisy or opportunism instead of genuine interest, it would further explain why an artist would feel the need to put his or her guard up.”

“Who are you to say I didn’t do enough? Most people are probably just hearing your name for the first time because you dropped MINE in an interview, controversially. Taking nothing away from your talent, but this is a fact.”

A couple of weeks back Glasper appeared on Houston’s 97.9 The Box and spoke on a concert he was going to be a part of with another artist. Towards the end of the interview (around the 30 min. mark), Glasper spoke about his career taking a turn in 2005 (when he got signed to a label) and he had denied his service to a number of artists – one of them happened to be Hill.

The interview continues to go on with Glasper talking about his experiences in dealing with her. He goes on explaining how some of his friends got their music stolen from her.

A great number of people who were following this story on twitter didn’t know this happened –  which caught so many people off guard.

Glasper’s reference was in regards to a 1998 federal lawsuit against Hill, her management, and the label by the band called New Ark, who says she “failed to properly credit them for their work.” After a nearly 3-year battle, they’ve settled out of court, with New Ark walking away with $5M.

In celebrating her album’s 20 year mark, she performed on a number of dates that were scheduled. Back in July, she cancelled a number of shows right after fans in Toronto were disappointed with her 45-minute set after arriving to perform late, according to Exclaim.

Tour dates are still ongoing.

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Tiny Desk Concert: Common, Robert Glasper, Derrick Hodge, Keyon Harrold, & Karriem Riggins – I Used to Love H.E.R.

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Brasstracks shatter the mold on "Improv #1 (Intro) " Ft. The Underachievers & Robert Glasper • Word Is Bond

Brasstracks is a NY based duo who mix improv Jazz with some elements of hiphop. Their latest release is the Robert GlasperThe Underachievers assisted single “Improv #1 (Intro) “. The song sets the tone with a upbeat, head nodding backdrop laced with jazzy elements and soulful horns that tugs at the soul. The Underachievers come through with powerful verses that showcases their lyrical proficiency. The song also doubles as a homage to their omw town of NY.

The culmination of years of tweaking to perfection, Brasstracks – For Those Who Know Pt 1 is finally out now. Featuring names like Robert GlasperThe UnderachieversFatherdudeS’Natra and more. get familiar with the project and stream it below

Smartlink: HERE

Full Tracklist:
1. Improv #1 (Intro) ft. Robert Glasper & The Underachievers
2. Brownstone ft. BXRBER
3. Those Who Know
4. When You Say That
5. Opposite Ways ft. Fatherdude & S’natra
6. Improv #1 (Outro) ft. Robert Glasper


Keep up with  Brasstracks | Soundcloud : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram

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The Robert Glasper Trio & Dres (Black Sheep) — "Just Cause” (AUDIO).

Black Sheep Dres says: Just Cause I’m a huge fan of Robert Glasper’s work.. Just Cause his live version of “The Worst” is just an insanely dope piece of work.. Just Cause I play it all the damn time.. Just Cause I thought it would be really cool to put a beat under it and rhyme on it… Just Cause I thought everyone would appreciate the sentiment… I present… Just Cause.

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Robert Glasper Trio — "Sign O' The Times" (Prince Cover) (AUDIO).

Robert Glasper says: This is a arrangement I recorded in 2015 as part of my Covered album. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to put in on the album… Prince didn’t really like people recording his music lol. But I feel now is a good time to let everyone hear it! … The message is still relevant. Prince you are missed. Thank you for unapologetically being you.

Originally from Robert Glasper Trio — "Sign O' The Times" (Prince Cover) (AUDIO).

Miles Davis & Robert Glasper — Everything's Beautiful (Behind The Scenes) (VIDEO).

“It wasn’t about taking Miles and remixing him again, but it was like, let’s do something to where we can take some of Mile’s ideas and shake ’em up, and try to show the influence of Miles and making new things.”

A look at the upcoming project which includes contributions by Erykah Badu, 9th Wonder, and more.

Originally from Miles Davis & Robert Glasper — Everything's Beautiful (Behind The Scenes) (VIDEO).