Beats Only May 2018 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

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Tall Black Guy “Make It For Forever And Ever”
TBG has some of the best chops. So much soul, so on point. Had this on repeat all morning.

Air Kalo “Midtown”
Heads nods here… it has that grit and soul. Channels Kaytranada, Dilla, and even some Dust at points. We’ll be looking for more from this producer.

OtterNotBe “Who Am I”
Future boom bap from American producer OtterNotBe. Some nice jazzy overtones on this one too.

Raphy “Why I Hate Myself”
This one has some funk to it. Nice dusty sampling here from Raphy. Not sure why it’s given this title because it feels decidedly upbeat. Stay until the end. Maybe that’s our clue?

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Originally from Beats Only May 2018 – Instrumental selections from Sphere of Hip-Hop

Published by Nick Norris

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