The Cleanup Crew – Guest: Mr. Miranda (Soul In Da Booth)

For those who may not know, The Cleanup Crew has a new home. And like always, we didn’t skip a beat. This week’s show is going to be a good one – we have Mr. Miranda coming through to talk to us about his new album “Soul in da Booth“. Make sure you tune in LIVE on or via the Spreaker app (Android / iPhone).

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For Profit Prisoners – The REAL Value of Our ‘Poor’ Neighborhoods

I’m posting this for all of our people in Chicago – Kyle, Al, and the rest of y’all who listen every week.


If you’re a regular listener of The Cleanup Crew, you’ll already know that we’re committed to our communities, and we keep our forum open so people can speak freely about what’s happening in our world. I would like to believe that tomorrow’s show will be no exception, so read up, because this shit is as real as it gets.


The article below is about targeted incarcerations in lower income neighborhoods. Some of the buildings in these neighborhoods have almost no men left, because all of the men are either locked up or dead. This is thanks to: the local law enforcement, capitalism, and a corrupt political system.


There are neighborhoods on the West Side of Chicago where nearly every block has been painted red — a sign, on the above map, that someone there was sentenced to time in an Illinois state prison between 2005 and 2009 for a nonviolent drug offense.

On several dark-red blocks, the missing residents are so many — or their sentences so long — that taxpayers have effectively committed more than a million dollars to incarcerate people who once lived there.

This is the perverse form that public investment takes in many poor, minority neighborhoods: “million dollar blocks,” to use a bleak term first coined in New York by Laura Kurgan at Columbia University and Eric Cadora of the Justice Mapping Center. Our penchant for incarcerating people has grown so strong that, in many cities, taxpayers frequently spend more than a million dollars locking away residents of a single city block.



For-profit prisons and jails have a business model that say’s, “poor people are worth more if you lock them up”. This is a tragedy, and it is happening right in front of our eyes.


Listen in tomorrow night as we discuss this topic in further detail. Listen live here, or if you’re in the Phoenix, AZ area, tune in to WOW 99.1FM.