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NY based artist I Mael releases his new music video for the street anthem “Top Dogg” . A soulful yet gritty single that sees the young rapper keeping the sound real and raw. Backed by a classic “Jay-Z-esque”, east-coast old school style beat, I Mael smoothly speaks into the mic words of wisdom with a flow of straight grit, yet, he keeps the lyrics clean.

ABOUT I MAEL: At the age of 16, I Mael started rapping. A year later, at age 17, he decided to start taking music seriously after he placed himself in a bad situation. At that point in his life, I Mael felt that he could only really express himself through his writing. Sheets of paper became his only form of conversation.

I Mael is another artist emerging from Brownsville hailing from 216 Rockaway. He believes that greatness can be achieved with enough love, faith, determination, and willpower to make your own future. When asked what he wants to achieve, I Mael says he wants the knowledge to grow with his fans, teaching what somebody might not understand otherwise through music. Also, referring to his artist name he says “people ask me what made me pick I Mael, in simplest terms, it’s the closest thing to my name that sounds suitable for me. ISHMAEL!”


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Author: Nick Norris

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