Edge of Daybreak —“Your Destiny” (1979) (AUDIO).

Rare soul album Eyes of Love recorded by prison inmates re-released by Numero Group.

Salon says: First and foremost, that the album even saw the light of day is something of a miracle. The Edge Of Daybreak’s members were all incarcerated at Virginia’s Powhatan Correctional Center at the time they wrote and recorded the album. Although inmates were encouraged to play musical instruments, the prison wasn’t keen about letting the Edge Of Daybreak go to a professional recording studio to cut the songs they had written. However, if the group could convince a studio to come to them, Powhatan would be willing to let the session happen.

Luckily, keyboardist/vocalist/trumpetist/manager James Carrington had struck up a friendship with Milton Hogue, the owner of Bohannon’s Records, which was both a record label and a record store located in Richmond, Virginia. Hogue agreed to pay to record the Edge Of Daybreak’s LP—and found a studio with a mobile unit that could visit Powhatan. “What happened was, [Powhatan] didn’t think we had a chance of getting [somebody] to record us,” Carrington tells Salon today. “And when they approved it, they were dismayed that somebody had decided to record us. Since they had approved it, they had to go along with it, but it looked like they really didn’t want us to do it.”


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Author: Nick Norris

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