Kirkis — "Cold Crush (Mndsgn Remix)" (AUDIO).

(Art: Gangster Doodles)

Fresh Selects says: …we asked [Kirkis] to remix a track (“kikhabits”) from Mndsgn’s Breatharian record, for the Inedia project… He was into it and played around with the track for a few weeks… but things seem to have taken a sharp turn somewhere, and what he ended up turning in for the project was a completely new song – one that took from Mnd’s original session a barely noticeable percussive clip and nothing – which Kirkis was calling “Cold Crush.” So, instead, we all decided to let this new, original creation live as it’s own separate piece completely, and to have Ringgo graciously remix this attempted-remix for the flip – bringing it all full circle again.

[Via 2DBz]

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Originally from Kirkis — "Cold Crush (Mndsgn Remix)" (AUDIO).

Author: Nick Norris

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