Run-DMC 45 Vinyl Box & Schoolly-D “P.S.K.” / “Gucci Time” Deluxe 12-Inch by Get On Down (GALLERY).

Special in store only re-issues for Record Store Day, Friday, November 27.

DJ 7L says: “In choosing the 7-inches for this [10 song] collection, we focused on the kind of records we play most as DJs. Every Run DMC 12-inch can, of course, be said to be essential. But songs like “Peter Piper” and “Sucker MC’s” have a special place in every DJ’s arsenal. Beyond those two classics, we chose three other records that each held some importance to us, as fans. For example, “Here We Go (Live At The Funhouse)” was an easy choice because it shows the power of a live Run-DMC show, and it’s also very sought-after on vinyl. Plus, it has never been on 7-inch before, only promo 12-inch. “Walk This Way” and “King Of Rock” are great crossover records that made even the most anti rap person into a fan. And “Beats to the Rhyme” is one of my personal favorite songs – the energy of Run and DMC playing off Jay’s cuts is a perfect display of the group’s amazing dynamic.”

Get On Down says: This classic 12-inch for the first time in true deluxe form, in collaboration with Schoolly-D himself: a custom 12-inch sleeve adorned with Schoolly-D’s famed ‘80s artwork; unique split yellow / clear vinyl; a liner notes insert featuring Schoolly’s own look back on the year 1985 as told to author Brian Coleman; and a unique sticker sheet with 8 images taken from the artwork used on this 12-inch cover (which was first seen on his early 12-inches, his 1985 Schoolly-D EP, and 1986’s Saturday Night: The Album).

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Originally from Run-DMC 45 Vinyl Box & Schoolly-D “P.S.K.” / “Gucci Time” Deluxe 12-Inch by Get On Down (GALLERY).

Author: Nick Norris

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