TJ — "Reach For The Sky” (AUDIO).

Time Is Wasting EP

Amir Abdullah says: “I came across the TJ demo tapes back in 2012 when I secured the exclusive license to the whole Strata Records catalog. There was no info on the master just the name TJ. My first response to hearing the demo was ‘WOW!’ Frankly, the sound quality was not good, but the soul and passion of the music was unbelievable. I immediately thought about a young Shuggie Otis when hearing the songs… The Strata catalog is from 1973-75 and it’s one of many recordings that were recorded but never released. I sat on the music for three years because I couldn’t afford to clean it up and re-master it properly until now. As the Strata curator, I felt that this recording definitely fits in with… what the Strata mottos were about: ‘The Sound of Detroit’ and ‘All Musics For All Peoples’. What makes me want to release this in its raw and rough form is that the genius of this recording cannot be denied. I hope that TJ somehow hears that the recording is out. I would love to give full credit to him and the musicians.”

Originally from TJ — "Reach For The Sky” (AUDIO).

Author: Nick Norris

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