Last Gasp Collective show us what happens in a certain “Small Town” • Word Is Bond

Last Gasp Collective is a band made up of 11 acts with distinctive talents and characteristics. Founded in Kalamazoo, MI the band started off playing open mics and gradually built a reputation of blending traditional jazz with hiphop and soul/r&b elements. Their latest video is titled “Small town” and is proof that there is power in numbers and truly amazing things can happen anywhere, even in a “Small Town”.

The song is chilled and groovy with so many elements from nostalgia inducing horns, dj scratches, lush keys and head nodding drums to match. The visuals is pretty vivid and abstract in the way the aesthetic is presented. The entire video clip occurs in a bar with so many things happening at once. We won’t say much now so hit the play button and watch it till the end.


Last Gasp Collective is made up of  Jay Jackson – Guitar/Vocals , Jordan Hamilton – Cello , Jon Boyd – Keyboards , Lakeshore Drew – Vocals , Joe Lucas – Sound Engineer , Joel Fink – Bass , Ashley Hicks – Vocals, Terrence Smith – Drums , Nic Baxter – Drums , Xavier Bonner – Saxaphone.


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Author: Nick Norris

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