Morrell Exposes his world to us in “Late nights, Early mornings” • Word Is Bond

Morrell is an emcee straight out of High Wycombe in the UK and he is serving up new material for our listening pleasure. In this new music which is his latest, Morrell exposes his world to us, telling us about his current journey; the gruelling task of balancing his education, work life and being a father, but somehow he manages to get by on a day-to-day basis. Late Nights Early Mornings is this new song and it works out well being that it is a soulful hip hop vibe which allows the listener to immerse himself in the song and experience the journey along with Morrell. I would say for Morrell, this is a lane he owns effortlessly as the song is just classy and nothing like the new sounds being churned out by current rappers which makes it a win for him. Check out the video in its simplistic yet poignant feel and get familiar with Morrell.

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Author: Nick Norris

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