Rob Level seeks to inspire us all on the "Way Up" • Word Is Bond

Rob Level comes through with an inspirational single aptly titled “Way Up”. The mellow, sombre track sees him dwell on the socio-economic challenges young millennials face as they try to earn their keep.  Far from being preachy or stuck in the dumps, Rob Level breaks down the situation and survival tactics with such eloquence and clarity while using himself as the frame of reference.

You may call it a struggle anthem or just plain inspirational, “Way Up” definitely has the power to inspire everyone.

Rob Level was born and raised in South Side Chicago and given up for adoption at age 7. After years of juvenile detention centers, shelters, and jail, he was able to turn his experiences into inspiration through six rap albums. Known for his clever wordplay, real talk style, and deep subject matter, he interacts with fans on a daily basis and even owns a business dedicated to helping young rappers succeed.


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Author: Nick Norris

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