Toobe Fresco releases June 5th, 2016 • Word Is Bond

Toobe Fresco employs the “Waves ”  instrumental to craft his latest entry in his Epoch music series. The entry in question is titled “June 5th, 2016” and sees the emcee spin a tale about lust and the quest for self respect which everyone can relate to.


Gaining a forever burning love for music at the age of 10, C-Ro Del-Fresco is on the way to becoming one of Hip Hop’s most respected emcees. With comparisons to Drake, Biggie Smallz, and Kanye West, C-Ro delivers a refreshing unique style of rap, incorporating heartfelt lyrics with head-nodding rhyme schemes fused with a delivery that would make anyone listening intrigued to hear more.

With six mixtapes released and the seventh one in the works, C-Ro Del-Fresco strives to deliver the best possible performance on every thing he does. At the ripe age of 20, this self-proclaimed “New Voice Of Hip Hop” has a long way to go to reach the top of the music industry, but there’s nothing he’ll allow to get in his way.

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Author: Nick Norris

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