By teckzilla Word Is Bond


first and foremost, we would like to tender our sincere apologies to everyone out there. As expected we pride ourselves on being able to provide a platform for underground talents that often get overlooked by the industry. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned and as much as we would like to lend our support,  things get a bit hectic as time goes. The truth is we get overwhelmed by the amount of submissions and it’s quite a uphill task trying to shed light on those that truly deserve it.

The aim of the Top 5 submissions was to curate a short list of acts that may have slipped under our radar and we did definitely catch more than enough gems for a minute. At the moment, this section will be closed for the rest of 2017 as we continue to find new ways to help up and coming indie acts. trust when we say that we will be back, bigger and deffer for 2018.

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Published by Nick Norris

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