Downtempo/Electrofunk Artist Synthonic Wacks Our Synapses with "Head Banging" • Word Is Bond

Synthonic is the downtempo/electrofunk project of classical jazz musician and London native Kieron Garrett, whose logo design features a winding spiral keyboard. Take a second glance and an octopus begins taking place of the “c” letter hanging off the end of this musical evocation, coiling its way through the mysteries of the deep.

Fans of the Kieron Garrett Quartet, the artist’s pre-established namesake, will find the music created under the “Synthonic” brand to be a nice change of pace for the musician. Depth-fueled synth explosions with throbbing hi-hat hits in syncopation with the ferocity of the breakbeat is precisely what listeners will hear in the first single leading up to the debut of his “Sunshine” EP in September, “Head Banging.” If you liked Canadian electrofunk band Chromeo’s 2007 album, Fancy Footwork, you’ll finding some intersecting influences on “Head Banging,” with less emphasis on drum power of the intergalactic and more detail harnessed into showcasing each of the jazz palettes within the song, giving each unique instrument its moment to shine.

Listen to “Head Banging” in full here.

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Gideon King & City Blog See Through Your Smoke and Mirrors in New Track, "Fake it on Facebook" • Word Is Bond

New York street jazz is alive as ever. Jazz is not dead and it never will be with front runners of the scene like the impressive Gideon King & City Blog telling stories through intricate improvisation. The band of musicians has worked with legendary jazz oracles, including Herbie Hancock’s bassist James Genus, so one can only expect greatness on their forthcoming album and second studio debut, Upscale Madhouse, to ensue. Gideon King & City Blog are currently promoting the first track off of that album, “Fake it on Facebook,” which you can hear here.

Much like the blues spoke the truth of city life and laid down an escape route, Gideon King & City speak on the truths of our self-preoccupied redundancies. For some, life isn’t truly happening unless it’s posted to a live feed, and in this track, beautiful chord progressions, key scaling, and guitar scatting tell the story of a city woman, very desperate for money and affection, who is ultimately exposed as a narcissistic and misguided little girl.

Not only can you hear the jazz greats of past and present, but you also get a little bit of everything in between, like the Stevie Wonder soul of the ’80s, The Commodores of the ’60s and ’70s, and even some of Lionel Richie’s solo work via the 1990s.

The composition is beautifully puréed, and we can’t wait to hear the full album upon release in August. Until then, enjoy Gideon King & City Blog in an earth-shatteringly soulful performance of “Down by the River” below.

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Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad – The Midnight Hour • Word Is Bond

A little over a couple of weeks ago, Adrian Younge and ATCQ’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad released one hell of an album called ‘The Midnight Hour’. Comprised of 20 tracks put together by a full orchestra and the two legends, this album pays homage and continues to have the continuous conversations from “yesterday’s jazz and funk pioneers.” Guest features includes Marsha Ambrosius, Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets), Raphael Saadiq, Bilal, Questlove, Ceelo Green, and more.

Two things to take notice: this album was given birth back five years ago, but was put on hold due to Younge’s involvement working on the score for the hit Netflix series, Marvel’s Luke Cage. Also, the track “Questions” began as an Midnight Hour demo, but Kendrick Lamar heard it and wanted to use parts of it on his Grammy-winning “To Pimp A Butterfly” album. However, the track ended up on his 2016 compilation, untitled unmastered. as “untitled 06 | 06.30.2014”.

Support great music by purchasing it! Stream the album below.

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