The Rebirth Of EMAN8 Has Come Forth "Amen" (audio) • Word Is Bond

Saint Louis native and currently residing in Los Angeles, EMAN8 shares a personal record with fans titled “Amen.”  The single is co-produced by  Nick Henriques from Canada.

“Amen” symbolizes the rebirth of EMAN8, derived from his middle name Emanate. The term originates from his Jamaican heritage and is defined as ‘come forth’.  The multifaceted artist describes his need to become a better man and establish a new way of living. Through his expressive journey he finds an innovative sermon that awakens and births EMAN8.  The genius soundscapes pulled in from cords of electronic, Hip-Hop, and soul allow listeners to transcend into his spiritual experience.



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SPRTYK steps out in style in "Helley Hansen" [Video] • Word Is Bond

BX based emcee SPRTYK goes for the jugular on her debut single  “Helley Hansen”. Teaming up with producer Amen who cooks up an energetic, cinematic backdrop for her to flex her lyrical muscles. The young emcee wastes no time at all in delivering that authentic New York grimey sound that shows she knows her stuff.

The visuals shot by Loui Nova has a 90s vibe behind it. We get to see SPRTYK in her element rocking the Helly Hensen brand while hanging her crew.  Get the audio HERE and her merch HERE

Tap into the femcee and what she has to offer! Warning: She’s unapologetically explicit.


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