$amhill – Who’s The Boss

# $amhill, P Brothers, Singles Singles $amhill – Who’s The Boss November 6, 2018 Jihad The Roughneck MC – Concrete November 4, 2018 Buddy Leezle – Saddle Soap ft. Da Buze Brovaz (Remix II Prod. by TCOR) November 4, 2018 Johnny Utah – Skytop Garden November 3, 2018 Recognize Ali – Masterbuilders ft. Napoleon Da […]

$amhill – The Purpose

# $amhill, Singles Singles The Citizen – Zawa Zawa August 15, 2018 Big Flip Papi – Pour My Heart Out ft. Kool G Rap August 15, 2018 Ghostface Killah – Saigon Velour ft. La The Darkman, Snoop Dogg, E-40 (Prod by Big Ghost Ltd.) August 14, 2018 Maseo – Billy’s Ark August 14, 2018 Bobby […]

Stay Losing, 2016

I stay losing. The music I listen to. The words I read. The power I hunger for. The love I strive for. The understanding I seek to gain. I stay losing. Never winning. Never game over. Always seeking. Never finding. Always hungry. Never full. We stay losing. Stay trying. Stay waking up. Stay getting tired. […]