Trinisha Browne is an Afro Trinidadian Artist.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, raised mostly in Montréal, Canada where she moved to at the age of 11 years old withher family.

During her early teenage years, Browne began singing in the church choir at Act Pentecostal Church in Montreal where she attended with family and friends.

Trinisha fell in love with writing poetry in her early teens, it was her way of expressing sentiments and bottled up emotions she kept to herself as a child. Her love being for music, poetry, arts etc led Browne to exploring various artistic opportunities in the city of Montreal where she was able to branch out into other things of her interest such as acting and performing.

Having an interest in acting led Browne to joining the Black Theatre Workshop in Montreal where participated in her first play with others which was Directed by Tamara Brown.

Throughout her years of High School Browne enjoyed classes such as Sports and English but mainly Art class, where she found herself falling in love with drawing and sketching photos and things of her likings and whatnot.

Over the years she discovered her own way of turning her Drawing into Paintings.

There was once a Photo her mother had seen Browne had as her screensaver which caught her mother’s attention as she stated “ that’s a nice photo, I like it!.”

Browne then decided to surprise her Mother by creating a painting of the photo her mother liked as a birthday gift to her Mother. and ever since Browne has been turning photos of her likings into Drawings then later into Water-based Paintings.

Her Album cover “Thought You Should

Know” is the first drawing Browne turned into a painting which was given to her mother as a Birthday Gift in 2014.

In December 2016 Trinisha Released her First Solo EP “Freewrite”.

In March 2017 Trinisha Released Her Second Solo EP “Thought You Should Know”.

In The Fall of 2017 Browne was interviewed by VICE Quebec where she discussed The EP “Thought You Should Know” and gave us some insight on what it was like being in the creating process and some of her influences etc.

In December of 2017 She experienced her first big opening for Azealia Banks at L’Olympia Montreal Canada.






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