The Cult Leaders – Ipso Facto (Video)


Matlock and Dreamtek have dropped off the accompanying visual for their 2nd single Ipso Facto off of their high anticipated Oh Yeah LP which is now available. Watch below:




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Tenjin breaks down "The Cost" • Word Is Bond

Tenjin returns with a poignant record titled “The Cost”. Over a guitar-driven backdrop, he crafts a story about a loving father who sends a message to his son who is currently serving in the military, only to find out much later that his son is never coming home again. The song vividly details the emotional changes before and after the father gets the sad news and it’s a great reminder to all of us that soldiers are human beings prone to ups and downs.

Tenjin is one half of the Intrinsic Harmony Music group duo comprised of Tenjin and D.ST. The debut album is a continuous story of the ups and downs of being a youth in Detroit, and paralleling the experiences with life in general.


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SUNDERWORLD delivers his brand of surreal RnB vibes on "Pseudodevotion" • Word Is Bond

Rising Orlando-based singer/songwriter SUNDERWORLD delivers his new single “Pseudodevotion” off his upcoming “Orlando/Llorando Vol. 2” EP. For the production, he enlists VICI who helps craft a dark, moody soundscape for the singer to deliver his smooth melodies and unhindered, offbeat style of writing. The single is a ballad about hiding your affection and not giving direct signals to your partner. It’s a weird kind of science as the artists add that “...Sometimes expressing love to a partner pushes them away...”

Get the audio on Spotify.


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Sadat X & El Da Sensei are XL (WIB Rap Radio Exclusive) • Word Is Bond

Sadat X and El Da Sensei are legends in hip-hop. You may know them from Brand Nubian and Artifacts. Well, they have combined to form XL and have dropped a brand new collaborative album. They’ve worked together tons of times over the past 20 years, so it was only fitting for this to happen.

The entire show is dedicated to these two legends. Every song features them today. And we got them both of the phone lines to talk about their longevity and their music.

Artifacts – Dynamite Soul
El Da Sensei & Sadat X – Let’s Get It
Ghettosocks ft El Da Sensei – Ricochet
El Da Sensei – Relax
Zo the Jerk & Frost Gamble ft Sadat X – Risk vs Reward
Brand Nubian – Slow Down
Sadat X – Industry’s Outcast
Kish ft Sadat X – Clutch Pop
XL – Like It
XL – Power Moves
XL – Time to Get Live
Trinity ft Eternia – Up to the BX
PremRock & Fresh Kils ft El Da Sensei and C Rayz Walz – Feast
The Immortals – Major Play
Babylon Warchild – The International
El Da Sensei & The Returners ft Ghettosocks & Timbuktu – Ain’t Trippin’
LS Camp ft El Da Sensei – Body Guard
El Da Sensei & Sadat X – On and On

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DJ Marley Marl – 2018 Heavy D Tribute

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For The Children: 25 Years Of Enter The Wu-Tang

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KC Makes Music so "Powerful" [Video] • Word Is Bond

KC Makes Music makes a grand entry with his newest song “Powerful” and its accompanying visuals. Just as the title says, KC Makes Music delivers a poignant, passionate flow over an anthemic/triumphant soundscape. He doesn’t waste time letting the listener know just how much passion he has for this music regardless of all the hurdles and struggles he is going through. He doesn’t shy away from his past and puts it all on wax. Overcoming addiction and mental health issues are a part of KC’s story. The way he weaves his experiences into his lyrical content creates an optimistic vibe that most anyone can relate.


The story so far: For the past two years, KC has been in the studio, writing, networking and expanding his knowledge of the business. In February 2018, KC was well received as he performed live at Gathering of the Artists: A Fundraising Event for Locks of Love, in New Haven, Connecticut. He looks forward to continuing to express his rhetoric, both live and through various media sources. As of November 10, 2018, he is releasing his debut album, Powerless, featuring his single, “All Good Things”.


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NYTimes: Watch Beatboxers Break It Down Inside an M.R.I. Scanner

NYTimes: Watch Beatboxers Break It Down Inside an M.R.I. Scanner

Under magnetic resonance imaging, they observed the mechanics of how the artists make the distinctive beats that sound like percussion instruments using only their mouths. In gritty black and white, their tongues leap and flip; a sound like a snare drum snaps out.

The research, based on scans of five different beatboxers, was presented Wednesday at the Acoustical Society of America.

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