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San Jose, California based rapper/producer who goes by the moniker Chow Mane displays a down to Earth personality on his new song “Ever Since”. Lyrically he keeps it light and playful on the track. The track is a slight departure from his previous releases( etc “Mooncakes”). The beat here is mellow and bouncy adding that fun-filled vibe to the entire song.

The visual was shot in the Berkeley Botanical Gardens which boasts one of the biggest selection of greenery from around the globe. This makes for a very organic and surreal aesthetic.


Bio: Chow Mane, born Charles Yan, is a Chinese American rapper/producer from San Jose, California. In October 2017, he released his debut EP, Mooncakes , which has been considered a landmark release in the Asian American hip-hop community. He has performed dozens of concerts and events across California, and has just released a mixtape titled “Rush Hour, with fellow Forever New Nation member Jordan Garrett .


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other song jokes/playfulness/imagery/having fun/barz/commentary:
i’m meant to be the thing disproving things you think you’re sposed to be (a rapper? the man? dope?); the hyper pro with nicer prose than Billy boy who Shook spears (William Shakespeare), i’m bout to hit a chic fil a this sunday burn the shit down w all my gay friends (closed sunday and they hate gay people so joke/revenge), i bet your best rebuttal is you’ll murder me (modern hip hop isn’t contributing to the conversation just threatening earth with violence, drugs, and death), wonder if my OCD has gotta be so exact (it’s VERY exact)


Hot new single by upcoming artist Taj-Mili. available for release June 8th this hot new sound is making its way through the streets.


“Sentences” features Chicago’s Vic Spencer and has Libretto revealing insights about prison life that only come from lived experience. All of this over an absolutely mean flip by BusCrates that Hip-Hop heads the world over will undoubtedly understand and appreciate.



Deacon is a UK rapper signed to Future Rebel Records and a member go the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company. Hes recently supported Akala on his UK tour and Akua Naru. This track Negritude is from his forthcoming debut EP.

Whats the song about ? Deacon explains :

Negritude is a word I discovered on my travels whilst in Los Angeles – Sunset Blvd to be precise. I stumbled across an establishment called “Psychiatry – An industry of Death Museum” Intriguing title to say the least…

Whilst exploring their numerous accounts on the history of mental health practices, I found their section on Racism within psychiatry’s earliest stages. “Negritude – a term used by Benjamin Rush (Founding Father of American Psychiatry) defines “blackness” as a skin disease akin to leprosy, thus deeming segregation a “medical necessity”.

The song is my way of flipping that idea on its head, and claiming negritude as the “funk” inherent in the soul of the music. If you don’t want to catch the funk, you better turn off that radio…



Chow Mane cyphers over beats by P-Lo, SOBxRBE, GZA, Jay-Z, Smokepurpp, The Pack, Meek Mill, & Mac Dre.

P-Lo – Put Me On Somethin’ SOB x RBE – Anti GZA – 4th Chamber Smokepurpp – Krispy Kreme The Pack – Vans Jay-Z – On To The Next One Mac Dre – Since ’84 Meek Mill – Heaven Or Hell

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