Watch Krum’s Oddball video –

Krum (fka Playdough) has always had that acoustic driven hip-hop sound on lock. If you dig that, you’ll love the Oddball video.

He shared, “Oddball has been of the best received songs from my latest album “Blue Eyed Devil” so we decided to give it the video treatment. Thanks to everyone that let me know they were feeling it. I couldn’t think of a better way to convey the vibe of the song than sitting on a Texas porch mid summer playing my guitar. This one is dedicated to the weirdos so make sure you pass the link to someone that’s as weird as you (if that’s possible).”

Read more about the track in this interview published by Fort Worth Weekly.

Video: Oddball

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Founded Sphere of Hip-Hop in 1997.

Originally from Watch Krum’s Oddball video –

Krum “Swang” video (Produced by Theory Hazit)

Krum drops a surprise single/video for “Swang” over hypnotic Theory Hazit beat.

“Sorry it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been working hard on a few projects but I wanted to make sure I stay in your ear in the meantime. SWANG is a loosie produced by Theory Hazit. We both agreed that this vibe had to be out there at this exact moment for the world to hear,” shared Krum.

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Video: Swang

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Founded Sphere of Hip-Hop in 1997.

Originally from Krum “Swang” video (Produced by Theory Hazit)

Beat Rabbi releases final project Mazel Tov Cocktail

The bad news… Beat Rabbi has retired from beat making. The good news… Mazel Tov Cocktail is here via Illect Recordings! It’s an appropriate send off to one of our favorite producers. 31 tracks including a Deepspace5 posse cut.

Beat Rabbi shares, “I assume other producers have been in a similar situation where they have a number of beats they really like that have been repeatedly passed over by rappers for years and they think, I really would like to get these joints out there and heard so people know all the kinds of sounds and styles I’ve experimented with, even if a rapper doesn’t want to rhyme on it. That’s how this project started, though it expanded beyond just that. But being that I hung up the beat making trade years ago, I needed the right person to edit, mix and master these beats – and spice them up to make them presentable. DJ Sean P is that dude for me – I have so much respect for his ear, style and talent and was blessed that enthusiastically signed up for the task. So hear it is – some Beat Rabbi as you have and haven’t heard him before, topped off with some Sean P funk.

Beats curated by Dj Sean P
Art by Farley Vaughan

Mazel Tov Cocktail track list
1. Intro
2. Stop
3. In The Future
4. Malay
5. Darkness
6. 70s
7. Mood
8. Sam
9. Beat Creator
10. Cross
11. Evol
12. Gero
13. Love Me
14. Blabber Mouth
15. City
16. Gloria
17. 2 Step
18. OGz Prelude
19. OGz
20. Ghost
21. Jump
22. Mazel Tov Cocktail
23. Monkey
24. Losing
25. Light Wheels
26. Black Magic
27. Suite
28. Tema
29. Spit Shine
30. New 9
31. Return Of The Real Hard Beat (feat. Deepspace5)

Audio: Mazel Tov Cocktail

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Originally from Beat Rabbi releases final project Mazel Tov Cocktail

Nomis & Sintax the Terrific drop “Heart Headed” single

Heart Headed is a new collaboration from Nomis and Sintax the Terrific. Lots of bars on this one.

“I’ve got one lyric pointed at your head for start, the other one is pointed at your heart”. The illustrious words of the late Hip-Hop icon, Guru birthed the concept behind, “Heart Headed”. How do we react to today’s social climate, political issues, or even our day to day struggles? Do we respond with a honest analysis of the situation, or do we lead with heartfelt compassion? Nomis reminds us that the answer is, both. Our heads administer the hard truths we seek in solving what ails us, while our hearts provide the empathy needed to address the aches and pains of a fallen world. “Heart Headed” begins with a somber tone reflecting those pains, but ends with an idealistic pronouncement of the perfect marriage of Heart & Mind.

Audio: Heart Headed

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Founded Sphere of Hip-Hop in 1997.

Originally from Nomis & Sintax the Terrific drop “Heart Headed” single

Sivion & Krum collab on “Really His” single

Really His is the final single leading into Sivion’s Dark Side of the Cocoon release via Illect Recordings.

Sivion shared a little about the creative process and the songs meaning with us.

Sebastian Hochstein really captured a type of hip hop/reggae/dance-hall fusion on the production for this song. And I wanted to further emphasize that vibe in the way I wrote the chorus. But before that happened I realized this would be a great opportunity to enlist the talents of fellow Deepspace5er, Krum (formerly Playdough), for this feature.

I love how the song turned out. It’s an anthem of sorts to unite all of us as God’s children, whether we know it or not. We all have different perspectives, wants, desires, and needs…….with different thoughts on our true identities and what defines us. But if God truly created us, then when it’s all said and done we’re REALLY HIS, whether we embrace that or not.

Audio: Really His

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Originally from Sivion & Krum collab on “Really His” single

Sivion announces “Dark Side of the Cocoon”

Sivion and Illect Recordings announce the upcoming release Dark Side of the Cocoon.

Sivion’s Dark Side Of The Cocoon is a record about struggle, uncertainty, failure, pain, and redemption. The overarching theme is “love” as seen through the lens of growth and patience developed from adversity and challenge. Sivion delivers passionate words with soulful melodies to the organic, fluid, and emotionally-charged music compositions of German beat-smith, Sebastian Hochstein of the crew, Scribbling Idiots. What results, is a heartfelt collection of works that display transparency at a level not previously seen by Sivion. The door is open, waiting for you to accept the invitation to come in.

Though the butterfly lives a life of absolute freedom and beauty, the caterpillar enters the darkness of the cocoon faithfully holding onto the hope of attaining this same freedom. And so, each of us must enter the darkness of our own cocoon…,” Sivion shares.

Dark Side Of The Cocoon Track list
1. Darkness
2. Burn
3. Alone
4. All In
5. Pendulum
6. Stand
7. Relax
8. Really His (feat. Krum)
9. Darkness (Instrumental)
10. Burn (Instrumental)
11. Alone (Instrumental)
12. All In (Instrumental)
13. Pendulum (Instrumental)
14. Stand (Instrumental)
15. Relax (Instrumental)
16. Really His (Instrumental)

Dark Side of the Cocoon releases October 6, 2017 via Illect Recordings.

Pre-order limited edition Vinyl or CD packages at Bandcamp to receive exclusive bonus tracks & remixes.

Also available at other download and streaming outlets including:

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Vinyl + CD

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Originally from Sivion announces “Dark Side of the Cocoon”