Jansport J brought the 'Magic' to House Shoes' magic show… • Word Is Bond

Last night Jansport J paid Uncle Shoes a visit to the Magic (weekly) radio show to promote his album, ‘Low‘ – which comes out tomorrow. He also got the opportunity to spin some tunes as well. Check out his set below. Also, be sure to check out House Shoes’ ‘Magic‘ show every Wednesday.  See Original […]

Lyman Woodard Organization — "Joy Road" Part 1 & 2 (Nottz Re-Edit) (AUDIO).

“Street Corner Music, in association with 180 Proof Records, is proud to bring you one of the greatest records in the history of Detroit to the 7” circuit. ‘Joy Road,’ from the Lyman Woodard Organization’s holy grail LP, Saturday Night Special, will be released on 45 with permission from Amir Abdullah, head of 180 Proof, […]

14KT — "The Library" (AUDIO)

From the upcoming 14KillaTape: REDUX cassette available on Halloween. House Shoes says: I took apart the original 14KillaTape and had KT retool it a little more murderous. Only 5 tracks from the original incarnation remain with 7 new tracks added. Limited vinyl coming next year. [Via DJ House Shoes] Originally from egotripland.com: 14KT — “The […]