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It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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UK instrumental hip hop producer, MADS MODAL, presents “Clouds” – a tongue-in-cheek, lo-fi beat with warped guitars, twisted organ, crisp hats, and healthy dose of sub-bass. Taken from his new 15 track album, “Dimensions”, Mads is breaking-into the increasingly popular lo-fi hip hop genre, having released a string of smaller EPs over the past few years.

Producer Dro Cup, also known as Al D, wanted to keep the vibes high when producing “self-titled”, using only the most lively soul samples to craft a nostalgia inducing track full of joy. The track name comes from the choir sample, chopped up to say “Al D!”




“once in a lifetime” is an instrumental taken from Brokebwoy‘s latest offering, bloomin’, which was made at a time when he thought he was losing his creative touch as he had not made music for a while. When brokebwoy finally decided to try and make music again, this was the result!




Ellis H. has a wide variety of influences ranging from Wax Tailor, Nujabes, to The Avalanches. His newest effort titled “Slaughter House” is a slight homage to those acts that influenced his production style.

Riverkid is a beatmaker and radio host from Sydney Australia. He gifts us with a smooth, nostalgia filled record titled “Sun Moment”. The record is a potpourri of emotions stemming from the dreamy sounds the producer chopped and layered for our listening pleasure.

The video was shot on iphone driving to the airport at dawn, from my sister’s small town through the fields and bush of north east Tasmania. I made this song chopping the beautiful sounds that I find on records that no one else wants, in the charity shops in small towns and quiet suburbs.

“Sun Moment” is taken from his  latest beat tape ‘beat trip’



Lost Son wraps up this week’s list with a smooth bouncy track titled  “Summer Rain”off his new beattape, “Flying Colors”.

The  project is based on soulful samples, smooth melodies and intense drums. In “Summer Rain”, I tried to blend the fine jazz and soul elements of the original track I sampled, with what we would call boom bap drums. Fun fact: the days after the release of the tape, it rained heavily for many days and nights. Summer rain.”


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We kick off the month of May with some brilliant set of material from only the best producers from the underground. Take some time out and get with the program.


Tadashi crafts a smoothing/ethereal soundscape in his new production titled “When You’re Ready”. He says “For all of you who feel like they were born on the wrong planet, you’re not alone. Stay strong y’all,”

Underconnect comes through with a jazz-like beat that feels like something out of a romance flick from the 90s. Interesting piece of work so check it out.


Trumpeter Farnell Newton delivers “Lofi and Chill” which is a solid blend of jazz, hip-hop and soul. What makes it supreme is the mix of his trumpet skills too which gives it that nostalgic vibe that is totally undeniable. In the last few years, Farnell has been touring with 3 times Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Jill Scott and with the Legendary Rhinestone Rockstar Bassist Bootsy Collins.

Ellis H is all about using music to paint pictures as evidenced on his new work titled “Fly”. The production bangs hard and is layered with weird strings and a quirky bassline to match. He says creating the beat was “…a fun experience for me because I was able to tell a story through music...” He adds that the beat dwells on  the journey of freedom and it’s new beginnings.”


Producer David Shouji slows the tempo on his entry titled “Overcast”. He blends thick 808 kicks against a brooding soundscape and the result is something out of left-field. “Overcast” is the lead single off his sophomore instrumental project titled In half EP. He adds “It has the purpose of setting the mood for the following five songs and giving the listener a taste of my personal sound. Spring came extremely late to where I live this year, so the weather has been mostly rugged – something this track reflects on.”


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