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TWIB Meets returns with a short one on one with UK hip-hop/soul group Raylo. The group took some time out of their busy schedule to share with us their humble beginnings in the music inndustry and much more. Sit back, relax and get to know more of them below.
How and when did you all get started in music?
Our music journey started years ago tbh, four different worlds that came together.
Do you remember the first song you ever made as a group? How was the process like?
A song called Rest Easy but it isn’t online. Really cool song… haha
What has been your biggest challenge?The biggest challenge I would say is getting your name out there. Being creatives and then putting on our business hat, then back to creative is a lot to take on. I would say getting our music heard has been the hardest, trying to find the right demographic, the right shows, the right outlets to promote our music.

What have been the biggest highlights?

Finishing and releasing our EP and getting the single “So Gone” played on BBC 1XTRA

What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the opportunity?

Greatest thing would be being able to create something you love. Something I would change is coming across people who I feel aren’t transparent and honest. I feel these are sometimes individuals in the greatest positions to change an artists position. You would want honesty and a straight answer.

Are there any other interesting facts about the group that hardly anyone else knows?

Our first song was featured on a pot noodle advert

What has been your strangest celebrity encounter?

We remixed Mark Ronson “stop me” and I met him two days after at a party. Broke it down to him and he was very approachable and wanted to hear it. He gave me his email and up until this day we have yet to send it to him hahaha.


Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them?

Pharell Williams, and probably say fam tbh there’s the fridge bro… I ain’t cooking nothing bro but make yourself at home.

What has been a seminal experience for you?

Seeing people like our music. Gravitate to it and spread it around. That gives a creative a lot of energy.

Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?

Hmmm, I would say gospel, Any style of music I would say that is honest and truthful. You can always tell when your listening.

What are the greatest songs, albums, books, movies, TV shows, websites you’ve ever come across?

Song, Outkast hey yeah!! I think is incredible always makes you smile. , book the bible. Pretty cool book. Movies, paid in full I’ve watched like 10 times. TV shows mmmm Fresh Prince of bel air.

Name 5 songs (yours excluded) that we would expect to find on your iPod or Music Player

Travis Scott – antidote
Drake – any drake song tbh
N.E.R.D – Provider
2pac – letter to my unborn
Miguel – Sky Walker

Where can everyone reading this interview keep up with your adventures?

Instagram – @Raylomusic and official website.

Keep Up with RAYLOSoundcloud | Facebook | Spotify | Instagram
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TWIB Interviews Jansport J • Word Is Bond

Not too long ago, we spoke to Jansport J over at Fat Beats to talk about his newly released album, LowWe got to discuss what inspired him to make this release another instrumental one (this is his 9th), some of the tracks on the album, and what direction was he going for in this project. He also spoke on what are some of his future plans with the album, and what will be next for him going forward.

Go ahead and give it a listen. Low is out now.

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Getting Paid with Mark Steele • Word Is Bond

This week on Word is Bond Rap Radio, we have Mark Steele on our phone lines talking about his new album, “It’s Been a Minute.” And as usual Chase March spins two hours of great hip-hop music.

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WIB Rap Radio # 335 – Mark Steele

Here is the playlist for this week’s show.

Stream the show with the player below or download it to take with you.

Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full
A Tribe Called Quest – Peace, Prosperity, Paper
2Pac – R U Still Down
G. Huff st Smoke DZA – Bills (Remix)
Jeru the Damaja – Me Not the Paper
Mobb Deep ft Big Noyd & Nas – Give It Up Fast
Adam Bomb – Bills
Mark Steele – It’s Been a Minute
Mark Steele – Bull City Air
Rapper Big Pooh ft Mark Steele – Ain’t Real
Shad – Peace / War
Awards – Unlimited Wishes
Ragnor Vallon – Spitboxer (prod by Chase March)
Torae & Praise – Take Notes
O.C. 7 PF Cuttin – Searching
Danger Grove – Never Home
E-Turn ft Myka 9 – Peas
Nneka ft Black Thought – God Knows Why
Vinnie Paz – Sundae Bloody Sundae
Queen Latifah – Prince of the Posse
Tracey Lee ft Biggie – Keep Your Hands High
Original Sicks – Loot

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Nine Holding it Down on Word is Bond • Word Is Bond

Nine has been holding it down for 23 years. His distinct voice has captured our attention since we first heard him on “Whutcha Want” back in 1995.

We start out this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio with a half hour mixset of his music. and then get in-depth with an exclusive interview.

Recorded live on 94.9 Radio Western, you can hear it anytime you want via the power of podcasting.

Nine – Any Emcee
Nine ft Sadat X – Rah Rah N*gga
Nine – Who Not Knowin’
Nine – Whutcha Want
Nine – We Play for Keeps
Nine – Blood on my Blade
Nine ft Chip-Fu – Rite Here
Nine – Jon Doe
Snowgoons ft OC, DoItAll, UG, Onyx, Dres, Nine, Ras Kass & Psycho Les – The 90s are Back
Nine ft Kool G Rap & Smooth Da Hustla – Breathe
Nine – Tremendous
Nine ft Chris Rivers – Champion
Jux Cain ft Chris Jackson – Golden Eye
Primal Winds – Cut You Down
Made Wade – Still Tryin’
TJ Edwards – The Devils Side
More or Les ft Wordburglar, Touch, & Timbuktu– Picard Manouver
Lee Reed – Too Ambitious
Shift from tha 902 ft Tone Jonez – Me vs You
Meet the Greens ft Jamar Equality – Diesel Degree
Ghostface Killah – Watch ‘Em Holla
PreRock & Fresh Kils ft Zilla Rocca – Bad Sign
Incise ft Tunji of Inverse – True Greatness
Psybo – Mr. Emcee
Snak the Ripper – Over

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Pharoahe Monch: New Album, Organized Konfusion, & more… • Word Is Bond

We were late on this, but better late than never, right?

It’s been a little over four years since we’ve had a full length album from Pharoahe Monch. We’ve seen him go overseas back in March, then dropped a verse over the summer on a Wu remix track called ‘Pearl Harbor’ (s/o AFH) – so the great thing is he’s staying busy. Fans have been wondering when he’s going to drop another album, and thanks to the interview he did with Take It Personal Radio, we have information on what the album will sound like.

“It’s pretty insane. I’m looking at the collective of records, and I’m thinking it’s one of my best projects ever,” Monch says to DJ Philaflava and Kevlar, with DJ 360 taking full control on the music-side of things with his tribute. “It’s the hardest project ever.”

“It’s the darkest project ever, and it’s the hardest,” Monch continues. “The bars are somewhere in between Extinction Agenda (Stress) and Internal Affairs.”

According to Monch, this album is something he’s been wanting to work on for eight years. He’s letting Lee Stone take full control of production duties – which goes back to his IA days. Nottz has production on the album already. Details include that there will be songs on there that doesn’t have choruses and it’s bar-heavy.

But there’s something about this album that most fans will find somewhat shocking – it will be heavy rock-influenced. Monch grew up being a major fan of rock & roll music.

“I’m a huge (Led) Zepplin fan, but I would say that the record will feel a little more like (Black) Sabbath,” Monch says.

Aside from news about another album, the question came up about whether or not he and Prince Po will get back in the studio and make another album as Organized Konfusion. The last time they’ve linked up as OK was for Marco Polo’s 2013 joint, ‘3-0-Clock‘.

“I just sent him (Po) a beat that he loves… that’s where we’re at with it right now,” Monch says. “It just gotta be super organic. As long as it’s that, I don’t care what the vibe is…” 

Check out the soundcloud below. The interview starts a little after the 1:16:00 mark. The interview details everything – everything that a fan wants to know. This is a no-holds- barred interview, as well as an astounding tribute mix put together by 360.

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It's Cayoz on Word is Bond Rap Radio (hip-hop podcast)

Cayoz hails from Oceanside, California and is not be confused with the Canadian emcee K-os, although both rappers pronounce their name “Chaos.”

If you are a regular listener of this show, you will have heard this man before. He makes great songs and even has a few Canadian connections. It was nice to finally kick it with him and talk about music and life.

Nine ft Sadat X – It’s Going Down
Lord Finese – Soul Plan
Rock ft M.O.P. – Fax Machine
Atmosphere – Make It All Better
More or Les – Skill of Gymnastics, Kill of Karate
Blueprint – Be Like Water
Black Sheep – We Can All Share
Cayoz – Salute the DJ
Cayoz ft Pheonix Pagliacci – Fire & Ice
Senica Da Misfit ft Cayoz – Last Breath
Wordburglar – Living Between Wednesdays
Tongue Helmet – Listen Close
The Mighty Rhino ft Jesse Dangerously – Basically Jesus
Psybo – Hello Ello
Career Crooks – Clock’s Ticking
Noveliss – 5 A.M. in Shibuya
Sankdafied ft Speak EZ – Life
Run-DMC – Is It Live?
Dilated Peoples – Clockwork
Artson ft Quese IMC – Right Now
Breaking Wreckords – Evacuation
Ato-Mik – Thesis

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Lauryn Hill responds to Robert Glasper's 'stolen' comments • Word Is Bond

Lauryn Hill responds to Robert Glasper’s comments that she stole music from ‘The Miseducation…’, a claim that were made on Houston’s 97.9 The Box a few weeks back with a statement. She wanted to respond right after her debut solo album’s 20th anniversary date passed.

In the statement, she addresses a number of things, such what it was like for her to work with new musicians, Robert Glasper, old rumors, and her live performances.

“-The Miseducation was the first time I worked with musicians outside of the Fugees who’s report and working relationship was clear. In an effort to create the same level of comfort, I may not have established the necessary boundaries and may have been more inviting than I should have been. In hindsight, I would have handled it differently for the removal of any confusion …  I may have been inclusive, but these are my songs.”

She goes on to address Glasper..

“-I’m confused as to why such a principled musician, who thought I ‘stole’ from his friends, would show up to work for me anyway. If that was hypocrisy or opportunism instead of genuine interest, it would further explain why an artist would feel the need to put his or her guard up.”

“Who are you to say I didn’t do enough? Most people are probably just hearing your name for the first time because you dropped MINE in an interview, controversially. Taking nothing away from your talent, but this is a fact.”

A couple of weeks back Glasper appeared on Houston’s 97.9 The Box and spoke on a concert he was going to be a part of with another artist. Towards the end of the interview (around the 30 min. mark), Glasper spoke about his career taking a turn in 2005 (when he got signed to a label) and he had denied his service to a number of artists – one of them happened to be Hill.

The interview continues to go on with Glasper talking about his experiences in dealing with her. He goes on explaining how some of his friends got their music stolen from her.

A great number of people who were following this story on twitter didn’t know this happened –  which caught so many people off guard.

Glasper’s reference was in regards to a 1998 federal lawsuit against Hill, her management, and the label by the band called New Ark, who says she “failed to properly credit them for their work.” After a nearly 3-year battle, they’ve settled out of court, with New Ark walking away with $5M.

In celebrating her album’s 20 year mark, she performed on a number of dates that were scheduled. Back in July, she cancelled a number of shows right after fans in Toronto were disappointed with her 45-minute set after arriving to perform late, according to Exclaim.

Tour dates are still ongoing.

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ethemadassassin Word is Bond Rap Radio – Show #312 • Word Is Bond

Sometimes names just need to be called out. This is one of those times. That’s why we start off this edition of the show with thirty minutes of battle rhymes and dis tracks.

Then, we have an exclusive interview with ethemadassassin. He talks about his new collab project with Luse Kanz and the plans he has to drop a lot of music this year.

And as usual, we bring you two hours of great hip-hop music.

If you listen to us live, we are moving time slots. Catch us on Tuesdays from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight on 94.9 CHRW Radio Western.

Press play and enjoy the show!

Chubb Rock ft Das Efx and PMD – Beef
Edo.G – Da Beef Goes On
Kurupt ft Xzibit – Calling Out Names
Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones
LL Cool J – Jack the Ripper
Chase MarchIt’s Clobbering Time
Common – Bitch in Yoo
ethemadassassin and Luse Kanz – The Baron
Euphrates – Break Yourself
Farm Fresh – I’ll Take You Home
Chan Hays ft Ghettosocks, Pharoahe Monch, and Ras Kass – Ghost in the Shell
Frek Sho – Mocean Detector
Rakim – When I Be on the Mic
ethemadassassin and Luse Kanz – Touches
The Fake Hunters ft ethemadassassin – Wisdom
Del & Amp Live – Far Beyond
Moore & Exit Only – Go Off
A.Y.E. – Times (N.Y.)
Sadat X – I Know This Game
Chris Orrick ft Nolan the Ninja – What Happens Next
Royce Da 5’9″ ft Eminem – Caterpiller
Fu-Schnickens – Ring the Alarm
Blu & Exile – The World Is

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WIB Interviews Murs (Exclusive) • Word Is Bond

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the west coast legend Murs ahead of the release of his latest album entitled A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable. We discussed everything from the new album, superhero pool parties, his hip-hop Mount Rushmore, and even video games!

Thank you to Murs and the Strange Music team for taking the time to set this up with The Word Is Bond.

You can get your hands on a digital copy of A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable here.

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TWIB meets Deal The Villain (Interview) • Word Is Bond

Introduce yourself


I’m Deal The Villain aka DTV aka Deal Diamontes aka Mr. Villain… your FRIENDLY neighborhood bad guy… or just Deal.


Musical Background


Very little formal training in percussion. Self taught DJ since the 90’s. Prefessional novice of standalone akai mpc’s & reason daw. As well as a self taught musical engineer, producer & arranger.


Musical Influences


I’m a student of almost every musical genre. I first fell in love with classical & jazz. Then soul, disco, punk, r&b & rap. I pull from any thread in the rich tapestry of sound.


What song sparked the fire in you to pick up the mic


My love of the art form & desire to be a part of something that has such a great influence in lives… along with NOT wanting to just be the DJ/Producer/Beatmaker.


How do you stay inspired in this present musical climate


Growth. The evolution from lack of mainstream respect and recognition; to becoming the dominant art form embroiled in internal debate. I feel that you ALWAYS have something to say in rap. The sonic soundscape expands infinitely. And for better or worse it’s the only musical genre that openly criticizes itself within context.


How has the journey been so far


(laughs) I can’t begin to describe a spec of my life which is a spec of existence. I’ve had losses, wins, pain, joy… a life lived. Witnessed violence, unconditional love, opposition & indifference. Becoming ever aware of cultural divides and oppression; the importance of confirmation & respect to demolish rape culture. Indulged in many vices… many vices. And been wrong in situations that ultimately offered growth. sooooo, I’d say…. cool?


How impactful do you think you can be in this present state of hip hop


I feel I can affect as much as the number of people that connect with me. I’ve learned that no matter what I say and/or do that the verdict lay with the audience. The following will dictate the involvement. I feel it’s just my responsibility to be as true to myself, the art & those who love it as I can be. Along with my journey as a being & sharing my ideology in an informative manner as best possible. I make that global universal buffet for you. What you choose to dine on is whatever flavor you savor on your plate on that date.


How would you describe your sound


I’m gonna coin the terms… nostalgic progressive or traditionally relevant. I believe in beats and lyrics that make you feel and think. I could have a certain sound over a few songs & projects, then blossoms over the course of time. The seconds, minutes, hours, days & years change; why not I? Time is still time though. No matter how different. 


Dream collaborations


I suck at this! My biggest thing is that I just wanna work with artists who wanna work with me & feel what I do. Worst thing in the world is to run your dream list and find out they all HATE your music! I really feel like the best nobody barely on the scene. I’m highly confident in my art and COMPLETELY oblivious to anyone ever liking what I do. So I apologize to all my icons… but I say EVERYBODY except LL Cool J. 


Dream producers to work with


Whoa! TOTALLY different story. I’d LOVE to work with; in NO particular order; Knxwledge, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, J. Cole (when he’s in that forrest hills zone.), 40, Earl Sweatshirt, Flying Lotus, Soundwave, Terrence Martin, Statik Selekth, Kanye (when he’s in his Pusha T bag), Adrian Younge… I can go FOREVER!


Five years from now, where do you see your brand


MORE RECOGNIZABLE! Assending to white famous cult status, nahmean?!?! Like where I’m known and still people’s dirty little secret. The kind of brand that you want everybody to love but happy they’re not completely commercial to the point it’s not what you fell in love with anymore. Like that tv show or function only you and your friends know about and love. THAT’S what DTV’s goal for all his Vipers… even though I’d still be utterly clueless and never believe it when it happens. 


What other feathers do you want to add to your cap


Ambassador, spokesperson, champion of the people, satirist, progressive ideologist… and cool ass dude… I guess. 


Your favourite quote/saying


“Get out there and make a mess of your life.” – Dr. Squires (The Wackness)


Biggest accomplishment so far


Not being the same person I was through previous stages in my life.


Most memorable meeting


The event I first met Brokn.Englsh. Kicking it with producer 6th Sense outside a video shoot. He’s just a cool genuine guy. Being in a group receiving gems from Guru not too long before he passed. Getting treated to a birthday breakfast by Homeboy Sandman, just cuz. Same day I chilled with 6th Sense. Being on a perspective hip-hop reality show & getting to know MC turned politician DoItAll. I was CRAZY about Lords Of The Underground as a kid and I never told him that… cuz I didn’t feel the need. He’s just a dope person beyond being an artist. There’s tons of other moments and I said more than one. You caught me in a reflective mood. I HATE name dropping. Shout out to Writtenhouse, Kapital Gains; definitely good moments with them. Let me leave memory lane. 


Something you wish will never happen again to you in the industry


I value EVERY experience I’ve had. Couldn’t be who I am now without it. Sometimes you gotta get jerked. Bad business can lead to better dealings… IF you learn from them.


How can the world interact with you


Deal_TheVillain on instagram and twitter. Deal Diamontes on FB. InfiniteChamp on snapchat. Deal The Villain fb artist page. ANYBODY can hit me up anytime. I’m not fielding massive inquires currently… I SHOULD reply back. 


If you had one wish


I automatically started thinking about Nas’ lyrics from “If I Ruled The World”. Besides more wishes I’d say universal understanding, respect and empathy for any and every existing culture and the beings within them.


Last words

Thank you for this opportunity to address those who follow your movement. Tell’em what you’re gonna tell’em. Tell’em. Tell’em what you told’em. I’m out!

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