GRANDGOOD.COM: Standout Rap, 2017 [Mixed by DJ Sheep]

This collection of music focuses on the independent voice in hip-hop, where the tension of selling records to mass markets tends to be less pronounced. This doesn’t exclusively mean unsigned and you’ll note some music from career musicians. But even with long term artists the songs we selected felt less encumbered. Because of my heavy […]

J’Von – Introverts

yellow suit by J’Von # J’Von, Singles Singles Holy Smoke – Burning Bush October 26, 2017 Greyhat – Tell All Ur Friends ft. J’Von October 26, 2017 J’Von – Introverts October 26, 2017 IT – Go Head Baby October 26, 2017 Jalal Salaam – Guns And Butter October 25, 2017 View More » Originally posted […]