The Foundation, Lesson #27: Mentally Mad, An Ultra Anthology

# Jayquan, Kool Keith, The Foundation, Ultra Magnetic MCs, Documentaries Documentaries The Foundation, Lesson #27: Mentally Mad, An Ultra Anthology March 29, 2018 The Foundation, Lesson #24: The Cold Crush Brothers (Rhymes, Routines and Records) February 22, 2018 Crustified Dibbs EPK (1994) February 2, 2018 Earworm: NERD’s Hit Song Lemon Owes A Lot To New […]

GRANDGOOD.COM: Standout Rap, 2017 [Mixed by DJ Sheep]

This collection of music focuses on the independent voice in hip-hop, where the tension of selling records to mass markets tends to be less pronounced. This doesn’t exclusively mean unsigned and you’ll note some music from career musicians. But even with long term artists the songs we selected felt less encumbered. Because of my heavy […]

Jesse Medina & Kool Keith team up for "Chasin' Franklin (Video) • Word Is Bond

Jesse Medina links up with Kool Keith once again to bring us the visually engaging piece for their previously release collabo single “Chasin’ Franklin”. The unorthodox single which was released in September offers a unfiltered backdrop for the accompanying video directed by Matt Posada (of Film Block Productions).  His vision takes lines like “Acid trippin’, […]

“A quick guide to rap history…”

A quick guide to rap history that all young rap fans should know # Ced Gee, Cold Crush Brothers, Kool Keith, KRS-One, Paul C, T La Rock, Tragedy Khadafi, Treacherous Three, Unkut, Re(tro)spect Re(tro)spect “A quick guide to rap history…” October 12, 2017 LL Cool J – Rock the Bells, Live in Philadelphia (on his […]