Buzzing Through NYC The Rooks Release New Music "Wonder Why" (audio) • Word Is Bond

Renowned music group The Rooks, release the second single “Wonder Why” off their upcoming album. The trio’s been creating a  large buzz and continue to gain further acclaim from major media and music outlets, and music awards.

This latest record gives off head bopping, body shaking, and soul satisfying vibes. Listeners will embrace the ‘Maxwell meets amped-up Adam Levine’ concert feeling.  “Wonder Why” is a boisterous harmony about digging someone who doesn’t feel the same, and the tussle to stop thinking about them.  This is an ode to faithful men trying to score the one.  With the sounds of R&B blended with soft rock and soul, this is sure to score on the charts nationwide.




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The Rebirth Of EMAN8 Has Come Forth "Amen" (audio) • Word Is Bond

Saint Louis native and currently residing in Los Angeles, EMAN8 shares a personal record with fans titled “Amen.”  The single is co-produced by  Nick Henriques from Canada.

“Amen” symbolizes the rebirth of EMAN8, derived from his middle name Emanate. The term originates from his Jamaican heritage and is defined as ‘come forth’.  The multifaceted artist describes his need to become a better man and establish a new way of living. Through his expressive journey he finds an innovative sermon that awakens and births EMAN8.  The genius soundscapes pulled in from cords of electronic, Hip-Hop, and soul allow listeners to transcend into his spiritual experience.



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Cali Heartthrob Sean Gast Releases New Single "On My Way" • Word Is Bond


22-year old California heartthrob, Sean Gast, is the next triple threat as singer, songwriter, and dancer. The single “On My Way” is off his debut album “Good Company”, available for streaming and purchase.

“On My Way” is a track describing a sensual connection between Gast and a young woman. He’s eager to make his moves and leave an impression on insatiable bystanders.  At just 22 years old, Gast shows off his craft by delivering a record genuine to traditional R&B with his own contemporary twist.

Stream /purchase “Good Company” debut album here. 


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Fevra "Give It Back" ft. D. Hart, Empara, ModMaxx, T.yyy (audio) • Word Is Bond

Fevra releases the second single off his debut album “Villanova Junction.”  The Canadian artist links up with producers T.yyy and ModMaxx for the track “Give It Back” which features D. Hart and Empara on vocals.  The electric sounds and jazzy intro sets the tone for a soulful union of conscious rhymes and enticing melodies.

Fevra describes the essence of natural love and embracing a lover’s heart, pain, love, and shine.  He declares his stance in the realm of devotion as radical and magical.  The carnal spoken emcee is reminiscent of times his heart was bumping and “made love girls from hood rats.”  This is a seductive track cleverly put together to embody raw emotions and capture the vulnerability of love.


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Announcement : The Hip Hop SHop is opened • Word Is Bond


The hip-hop shop is an all-encompassing platform for emerging hip-hop acts to showcase their material, get in-depth criticism and much more. It’s run by multi-talented media personality Nick Visco. Check out the details below.

What is The Hip-Hop Shop?

The Hip Hop Shop is a place where all talent is welcome in showcasing their underground music that wouldn’t normally get a look from the mainstream world. During my time in school, I had the privilege in conducting various interviews with both local artists and industry heavyweights such as Charlemagne Tha God, PnB Rock, Lil Uzi Vert, DJ Envy and the cast of Shoboy in the Morning on 92.3 AMP Radio. Since graduation in 2017, I moved the production over to MSP Waves Radio; a free streaming service which airs on the Discord App. The show airs every Thursday night from 7-9PM EST.


Facebook Live Original Series, The Underground Music Mix

Over the last year, things have been tough in trying to find a full-time position in the field. It forced me to think outside the box and figure out another way to attain my dream. During this time I accepted the fact that I had to be present on all social media platforms, including Facebook and most importantly, Facebook Live where The Underground Music Mix was born! On the show, my viewers submit their original music to my email in hopes that it is featured on the stream. If played, both I and the live audience rate the song on a scale from 1-5, while also providing in-depth critique to help the artist improve their song. The Underground Music Mix’s goal is to help shine a light on the various artists struggling to make their dreams a reality here on Facebook.

Yes, I Also Conduct Interviews

I take pride in my interviews for their depth and ability to help connect my audience with new talent. Often times, people overlook what they don’t know and this is why so many underground artists fail before they even start. The key is to connect with an audience on a level that goes beyond music, but how is this achieved? Conversation, that’s how. With the right questions, you can bring out the best in the individual. This is what helps them connect which in turn, provides a larger fanbase.


Follow Nick Visco’s Hip Hop Shop on : Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook

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!MAYDAY! Featuring Tech N9ne "Run Up" Official Video • Word Is Bond

Even on the ‘underrated’ list, !MAYDAY! continues to create billboard hits celebrated worldwide. The group is a rarity and known for their Hip-Hop and Reggae infused flows and cadences, that are embraced by a variety of music genres.  The latest single “Run Up” features Tech N9ne and although the track is one to ride around and cruise to the message is a poignant one.

!MAYDAY! brings awareness to naive eyes; beware of hustlers once the sun goes down or you might get “run up.”  Lyrically they break down the street manual even sharing insight on color consciousness regarding clothing.  Tech N9ne amplifies the message with combustible bars declaring no lightweights allowed! The chemistry between the two is incomparable and sets the tone for an on repeat dance-hall meets the street anthem.



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See What's Lurking Through Loka Luca's "Shadows" (visual) • Word Is Bond

Younger generation artist Loka Luca releases visuals for his toilsome single “Shadows”, produced by Torgot A and directed by RTC Visuals. Luca addresses the struggles he faces that include overwhelming thoughts of a personal genocide and monsters with familiar faces.  He describes the turmoil of attempting to be true to himself and God while numbing his pain.  It’s both refreshing and nostalgic to hear a young emcee shed light on topics a nation struggles with.  The arrangements of hypnotic and somber beats lure listeners in to confront what’s lurking through “Shadows.”


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