As if the world isn’t crazy enough right now, we got ourselves a trigger happy maniac shooting up our freeways here in Phoenix, AZ.

Over the past 2 weeks, there has been a string of shootings involving drivers on the I-10 freeway, and as of today, the shooter(s) have made it into the heart of the valley. Reports of shootings on the I-17 and SR51 were confirmed earlier today by most of our local new outlets. Thankfully, nobody has been seriously injured… yet.

Watch the Fox10 News story below:

I think that the shooter is fucking with us. I don’t know if he/she/they are intentionally missing people, or if it’s some type of miracle that no one has been seriously injured by these rogue bullets. Most of the shots have been through peoples’ windshields & back windows. This is scary stuff. Today alone there have been 6 confirmed shootings, and 3 projectile (unconfirmed shooting because no bullets were found) incidents. One of these shootings was right down the street from the Cleanup Crew studio, less than a mile away from where we broadcast our show every week. DON’T LET EM KILL YA BOI!!!

Stay safe out there kids, and if you see or hear anything, make sure you call 602-644-5805. DO NOT TRY TO BE A HERO!

Published by Nick Norris

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