Jean Grae & Quelle Chris – “Gold Purple Orange” (Video) |

Posted by: undergroundhiphopblog February 26, 2018 “Gold Purple Orange”, new video premiere from Jean Grae & Quelle Chris‘s album “Everything’s Fine” starring Dane Orr, Eric Andre, Anna Wise, Hannibal Buress, Denmark Vessey, Duncecap, Jonathan Hoard, Littles The Cat. Jean Grae Quelle Chris 2018-02-26 Watch the video on: Underground Hip Hop Videos

GRANDGOOD.COM: Standout Rap, 2017 [Mixed by DJ Sheep]

This collection of music focuses on the independent voice in hip-hop, where the tension of selling records to mass markets tends to be less pronounced. This doesn’t exclusively mean unsigned and you’ll note some music from career musicians. But even with long term artists the songs we selected felt less encumbered. Because of my heavy […]