Molecules & Showbiz celebrate success in the "Good Life" (Video) • Word Is Bond

Embrace the “Good Life” with Bronx rap heavyweights Molecules and Showbiz in their celebratory new video for this soulful jam off their collaboratively released EP, A Bronx Tale. Over a classic soul sample, Molecules takes us into his lifestyle from suave high fashion, exotic crushed grapes and then some. The track is a departure from their previous […]

O.C. thrills on "Same Moon Same Sun: A New Dawn" • Word Is Bond

By teckzilla Word Is Bond “For every person whose breathing, we born to die/I take in account of receipts the pros and cons/ weighing the amount of all the things in this life time/ No 2 man is the same, your life ain’t like mine…”- O.C. on one of his new album’s standout cuts, “Sunday Morning” It’s […]

Showbiz – A Room Therapy EP

# D.I.T.C., Showbiz, Bronx, EPs Bronx Showbiz – A Room Therapy EP December 20, 2017 B.I.C. – Drippin Sauce (video) November 7, 2017 Bronxdale Day (August 2017) September 7, 2017 KRS-One – The World Is MIND / album May 9, 2017 Molecules & Showbiz – Bad Guy ft. Money Ray (video) April 27, 2017 View […]