Rippa – That Was A Mistake (Talib Kweli Diss)

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Chuckie Campbell Walks Us Through a Pivotal Spiritual Awakening in Video for "Pretty Girls" • Word Is Bond

Through the story of a woman, Buffalo, NY lyricist Chuckie Campbell opens several spiritual canals for those struggling to heal from a traumatic experience in the video for his recently released single, “Pretty Girls.”

The song, debuted off his second album, Taking Back Tomorrow, delves into the social, somatic, and psychological effects of rape and incest on the life of a young biracial woman, who ultimately cleanses herself of the anathema that coats her life, her rapist stepfather. The video, directed by Denny Kremblas, opens the scene with the young woman walking over water, where viewers feel some sort of spiritual awakening, or relief, from a harsh past. From this opening scene the timeline of precipitating events is flipped, and viewers are forced to walk backwards into her story.

Intimate close-up shots and chiaroscuro-like lighting catch details that may or may not have been planted covertly, such as the sign that reads, “Do More of What Makes You Happy” hanging opposite of the kitchen fridge, and the “LOVE” sign pictured in the full-length mirror which she pauses in front of to examine herself (an act of body dissociation or an attempt at finding self-love). Others were much more conspicuous, like the symbolism of walking on water, the white gown the actress wears (signifying spiritual, supernatural, and biblical importance), and the pouring of wine (also biblical). There are several shots of water–the boat dock, the bathtub, the faucet–which may also signify a baptism or rebirth of some kind.

There are many things done right in this video, even if they seem”by the book” in reference to suspenseful drama. On this woman’s road toward self-salvation, and maybe even atonement, viewers will find relief. And just like the rest of Taking Back Tomorrow, “Pretty Girls” is music for the seven chakras; many of Chuckie Campbell’s songs have messages that surrender us to our own energies; only through ourselves can we learn how to treat others, take control of our lives, and change circumstance. There was probably nobody more fitting to help deliver these messages than Heidi Feek, whose June Carter Cash-like, post-modern jukeboxy vocals call forth images of a lonely and deserted Wild West, where a sharpshooting Annie Oakley supports a women’s prerogative to protect herself. That is perhaps the most powerful takeaway.

Watch the video for “Pretty Girls” below, then check out the rest of the album here.

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Speed Walton – “Night Fall” (Video) –

One half of the Space Invadaz which is apart of Talib Kweli’s label Javotti Media, who just wrapped performances on “Talib’s Radio Silence Tour” Speed Walton has reinforced underground hip-hop with his eccentric lyricism and versatile flows; pairing eclectic samples with amusing and conscious rhyme schemes. Speed Walton releases his second single “Night Fall”, produced by Beataholic, from his upcoming album titled Real Name Speed.

“We were coming from a Golden Era Hip Hop vibe,” Speed Walton breaks down the song’s concept. “The boom pat with jazz infused vibe. I’m trying to bring it back it back to the essence of what lyrical conscious music was founded on: great beats and lyrics.”

Along with the new single, Speed accompanies the new music with a creative visual presentation. In the video, Speed Walton hits the desert and sea to expresses the realism of his thought-provoking vocals. “Night Fall” is released through Empire Music Group in partnership with Shafiq Husyan (Dove Society) and Galaxy Enterprise.

Stream Speed Walton’s new single, “Night Fall” below via Spotify.

Watch “Night Fall” below.

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Watch the video on: Underground Hip Hop Videos

Talib Kweli – Radio Silence ft. Amber Coffman, Myka 9 (video)

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Balkan Bump releases the original version of "Aymo" • Word Is Bond


Producer Balkan Bump gifts us with the original version of his song “Aymo” which featured Talib kweli. Balkan Bump is showing “Aymo” where it all started, before Gramatik’s collaborative influence. This track gets at the true essence of Balkan Bump’s sound, stripping back any electro influences to show purely raw, smooth, world-influenced beats with live horns.

Gramatik has put Balkan Bump on a fast track to superstardom. Finding an affinity from his own Balkan roots, Gramatik has taken Balkan Bump on his Re:Coil tour and signed his debut EP to Lowtemp. The EP will be releassed on the 9th of March. Stream/Download: HERE
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2/17: San Diego, CA; North Park
2/21: Dallas, TX; House of Blues
2/22: Austin, TX; Emo’s
2/24: New Orleans, LA; Joy Theatre
2/26: Tuscaloosa, AL; Druid City
2/27: Chattanooga, TN;TBD
3/1: Nashville, TN; Marathon Music Works
3/2: Atlanta, GA; Tabernacle
3/3: Knoxville, TN; The International
4/12: Philadelphia, PA; The Fillmore
4/13: Richmond, VA; The National
4/14: Asheville, NC; Orange Peel
4/15: Charleston, SC; Music Farm
4/18: Columbia, SC; Music Farm
4/19: Wilmington, NC; Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre
4/20: Washington, DC; Echostage
4/21: Boston, MA; House of Blues
4/22: Portland, ME; State Theatre
4/24: Syracuse, NY; The Westcott Theater
4/26: Toronto, ON; Danforth Music Hall


Keep up with  Balkan Bump | Soundcloud : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram

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Talib Kweli – Radio Silence ft. Amber Coffman, Myka 9

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Talib Kweli – All Of Us ft. Jay Electronica, Yummy Bingham

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Talib Kweli – Every Ghetto Pt 2 ft. Aloe Blacc, Problem

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