(live show) A Celebration of the Life of Brendon “Alias” Whitney feat. Doseone, Aceyalone, Jel, Pedestrian, Odd Nosdam, Daddy Kev, Themselves + more!

To celebrate the life of Brendon Whitney (aka Alias) from Anticon, who passed away recently. All proceeds will go to his family and two young children. link

A Celebration of the Life of Brendon ‘Alias’ Whitney

Monday, June 25th

The Teragram Ballroom
1234 W 7th St
Los Angeles, California 90017

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The House List feat. Doseone and Jel

Unrelenting talent. That is the only way I can describe Jeff Logan (JEL) and Adam Drucker (Dose One). Over a multitude of genre, regional scene, and the technological wave of change from late 90’s to now – the two have maintaining a certain sense of unbreakable innovation. Our conversation winds around from the past to the present, with a lot of great stories from what now may be a bygone era. But the sheer creative abilities these two have within a group setting (Subtle, 13&God, Themselves) as well as individual artists should be celebrated and studied by generations to come.

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Originally posted on GRNDGD