Hoodz gets wild on "Look What I Did" • Word Is Bond

Aspiring rapper Hoodz delivers an upbeat bouncy jam in the form of his single “Look What I Did”. The record showcases his energetic display and entertaining performance over a trap influenced bouncy cut. He may not be on that super lyrical tip but he gets the job done with a style that is more youthful with an upbeat drive. Guest appearances in the music video include a number of celebrities such as Cardi.B who is seen next to Hoodz in the opening scene to Queen Latifah and none other than Toronto’s home town hero Drake.


Bio : Steven “Hoodz DaGeneral” Manu is a young, ambitious and dedicated individual who’s main objective in life is to Get Everything That Eventually Matters (GetEm). With the immense potential within him, Hoodz’s passion towards his endeavours causes him to be a force to be reckoned with and you can identify it within his individuality. Hoodz, at a young age, picked up the interest in music from watching the older boys in the neighbourhood rap while living in the Greater Toronto Area’s west end (Rexdale, Mount Olive). After being quiet for long enough Hoodz started freestyling and writing lyrics to which he then began recording himself. Rapping, Acting and his enthusiasm for Entrepreneurship soon enough developed into an occupation of Getting Everything That Eventually Matters. 

Get the audio HERE

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JAKE n JACK delivers an outlandish performance on "mugs" • Word Is Bond

This off beat, unpredictable track titled “mugs” pricked our interests and it comes courtesy of JAKE n JACK . Armed with vivid, off kilter lyrics, both emcees deliver rage filled  verses over the experimental soundscape that feels like something out of a horror flick.

“mugs” is the first of many unorthodox music videos coming from the Canadian duo in 2018.  You can watch Jack’s KOTD battle against Hollohan HERE


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Young Planet are part of the "Chosen Few" • Word Is Bond

The BK representing duo of Young Planet come through in the clutch with the visuals for their song “Chosen Few”. Kicking raw rhymes over a warm, boom bap backdrop, we get introduced to the unique gritty but lush sounds from the duo.

The black and white visuals directed and shot by Mason Rose reinforces the gully retro style displayed by the duo on the track. Nothing fancy but two cats in their element channeling their inner Beastie Boys to the fullest.


Young Planet Bio – First meeting at New York City’s legendary Chung King studios back in 2006, Eibol (Stephen Galgano) and Cidida (Brent Aherns) have been collectively dedicated to building as multidimensional musicians. From the studio, to their live performance, to their day-to-day, Eibol and Cidida maintain a passionate focus on staying true to their individuality. Working as assistant engineers during the day with the likes of Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Nas and Jay Electronica, both witnessed firsthand what it takes to work as artists at an elevated level. When the clients headed home for the night, the pair would find themselves in the studio after hours, working on music of their own. For years, Eibol and Cidida were literally living and working in the studio, setting the foundation for what is now Young Planet. 


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Notoriety drop a thought provoking visual for their single Dino Spumoni • Word Is Bond

The latest duo on our radar go by the name Notoriety  and it consists of emcee Vydle Sinez and emcee/singer Incredible Chuck.  The duo’s newest effort is the visual for their song “Dino Spumoni” off their debut album “Expect the unexpected”.  The song produced by D-Man, reminds listeners to ‘disconnect’ for sanities sake. Vydle & Chuck touch on ‘waking up’ from the media matrix to maintain a mental balance over the sonics brought by producer  Investing in each other, the process, overcoming the losses and humbly celebrating the wins.

The visuals takes on a more offbeat tone with retro aesthetics and abstract tropes as the duo are being attacked by unknown antagonists through the woods.

The  single ” Dino Spumoni ” is off their debut album ‘ Expect the Unexpected ‘:


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Dynesti Williams sets the record straight on U.D.K.M. Part II • Word Is Bond


Dynesti Williams  return with another insightful track titled “U.D.K.M. Part II” with its accompanying visuals. Always the one to walk the unbeaten path, she speaks on the presumptions people project on one another in the world at large. She doesn’t go preachy or bitter about it but rather approaches it with her unconventional middle finger to the establishment style.

Hit the play button and get familiar.


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student 1 & psymun go hard in the PAINT • Word Is Bond

Student 1‘s latest entry is an unorthodox, offbeat song titled “PAINT”. Teaming up with producer Psynum who crafts a bright, bouncy backdrop for the young rapper to wax lyrical about several topics ranging from self assertion, music and then some.

The visual Directed by CMNCLTR is an animated barrage of palettes and glitches which places the viewer directly into the relentless, scatterbrained world of Student 1. The viewer is never sure of what to experience as the frames keep switching up at every turn.


Lu first picked a notebook up after watching 8 Mile, soon succumbing to the frustrations of being eight with no bars. He picked it back up during his junior year at Simley High School, where he was always the first name on attendance that every teacher would apologize before mispronouncing. This common misstep in cultural competency, paired with the inspiration from watching a friend rap on Facebook, led to Lu’s christening as Student 1: a reflection of a lifetime dedication to learning oneself, the world, and the game.

After a two-year stint at Inver Hills Community College – ending in academic suspension which lead to him dropping out – Lu shifted his life’s focus to perfecting his work for the world outside his frozen suburbia. Student 1 embodies an upbeat approach to interrogating the questions of life, fusing an oddball braggadocio with meticulous technicality for an engrossing experience that’s equally whip-ready and stare-at-the-ceiling ready. For all the relentless energy in his flexin’, there’s a moment of self-crisis to match it. Caught in a haze of tobacco and uncertainty, Student 1 serves as a beacon of light for anyone reveling in their uncertainty, searching for the motivation to persevere through a world that feels set to destroy them.

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Mattiya team up with Heloise LaLoux on Get on by • Word Is Bond


Italian-Born, Toronto- Raised, Young Rapper and Songwriter Mattiya gifts us with  his new single titled “Get on by”. The jazz infused jam (produced by Argentine producer Gas-Lab) is an inspirational cut that aims to motivate and entertain at the same time. He also brings along French singer Heloise LaLoux along for the ride. Hit the play button and get familiar.



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Toobe Fresco releases June 5th, 2016 • Word Is Bond

Toobe Fresco employs the “Waves ”  instrumental to craft his latest entry in his Epoch music series. The entry in question is titled “June 5th, 2016” and sees the emcee spin a tale about lust and the quest for self respect which everyone can relate to.


Gaining a forever burning love for music at the age of 10, C-Ro Del-Fresco is on the way to becoming one of Hip Hop’s most respected emcees. With comparisons to Drake, Biggie Smallz, and Kanye West, C-Ro delivers a refreshing unique style of rap, incorporating heartfelt lyrics with head-nodding rhyme schemes fused with a delivery that would make anyone listening intrigued to hear more.

With six mixtapes released and the seventh one in the works, C-Ro Del-Fresco strives to deliver the best possible performance on every thing he does. At the ripe age of 20, this self-proclaimed “New Voice Of Hip Hop” has a long way to go to reach the top of the music industry, but there’s nothing he’ll allow to get in his way.

Stream the audio via soundcloud  HERE


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Alex Van Allen kicks off the year with "Fading Out" alongside Kip Kid • Word Is Bond


Alex Van Allen, Albany, NY-based producer and rapper, shares with us his first official release titled “Fading Out”. The mellow, soulful track is a straight spitting, no hook type affair that sees Alex and his partner in rhyme Kip Kid do their thing. The two MC’s rhyme of past failures, and personal growth, with a deconstructed Henry Burr vocal sample, from 1909’s ‘I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now’, bridging the gap between their verses. Van Allen is currently working on his debut album ’Alexithymia’, slated for a mid-2018 release.



Stream the audio via the links below


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Last Gasp Collective show us what happens in a certain “Small Town” • Word Is Bond

Last Gasp Collective is a band made up of 11 acts with distinctive talents and characteristics. Founded in Kalamazoo, MI the band started off playing open mics and gradually built a reputation of blending traditional jazz with hiphop and soul/r&b elements. Their latest video is titled “Small town” and is proof that there is power in numbers and truly amazing things can happen anywhere, even in a “Small Town”.

The song is chilled and groovy with so many elements from nostalgia inducing horns, dj scratches, lush keys and head nodding drums to match. The visuals is pretty vivid and abstract in the way the aesthetic is presented. The entire video clip occurs in a bar with so many things happening at once. We won’t say much now so hit the play button and watch it till the end.


Last Gasp Collective is made up of  Jay Jackson – Guitar/Vocals , Jordan Hamilton – Cello , Jon Boyd – Keyboards , Lakeshore Drew – Vocals , Joe Lucas – Sound Engineer , Joel Fink – Bass , Ashley Hicks – Vocals, Terrence Smith – Drums , Nic Baxter – Drums , Xavier Bonner – Saxaphone.


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