!MAYDAY! Featuring Tech N9ne "Run Up" Official Video • Word Is Bond

Even on the ‘underrated’ list, !MAYDAY! continues to create billboard hits celebrated worldwide. The group is a rarity and known for their Hip-Hop and Reggae infused flows and cadences, that are embraced by a variety of music genres.  The latest single “Run Up” features Tech N9ne and although the track is one to ride around and cruise to the message is a poignant one.

!MAYDAY! brings awareness to naive eyes; beware of hustlers once the sun goes down or you might get “run up.”  Lyrically they break down the street manual even sharing insight on color consciousness regarding clothing.  Tech N9ne amplifies the message with combustible bars declaring no lightweights allowed! The chemistry between the two is incomparable and sets the tone for an on repeat dance-hall meets the street anthem.



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See What's Lurking Through Loka Luca's "Shadows" (visual) • Word Is Bond

Younger generation artist Loka Luca releases visuals for his toilsome single “Shadows”, produced by Torgot A and directed by RTC Visuals. Luca addresses the struggles he faces that include overwhelming thoughts of a personal genocide and monsters with familiar faces.  He describes the turmoil of attempting to be true to himself and God while numbing his pain.  It’s both refreshing and nostalgic to hear a young emcee shed light on topics a nation struggles with.  The arrangements of hypnotic and somber beats lure listeners in to confront what’s lurking through “Shadows.”


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Canadian Duo Buck-N-Nice Release Eye-Opening Video "EMAG" • Word Is Bond

Canadians Buck-N-Nice release “EMAG” video, the title track off their sophomore album release available now for digital streaming and purchase.   Wordsmith SawBuck and producer DJ So Nice, take listeners on a compelling journey exposing ongoing challenges and deceptions of the music industry.

No holds barred, the duo combine vivid images and thought provoking lyrics to convey the constant battle artists have within themselves regarding money, success, and the evil surrounding both.

Buck-N-Nice had this to reveal about their own integrity involving the industry, “We don’t focus on creating that next club hit or keeping up with the latest trends, and this follows suit. “It’s purposeful that our music reflects life experiences, the community that we’re surrounded by, and the general influences that have shaped us into artists and people.”

The continual flow of metaphors used by SawBuck capture the catch 22 artists experience, while DJ So Nice heightens the emotion with an arrangement of combative, yet classic Hip Hop beats.  Video directed and produced by Patrick Lozinski.

Stream Buck-N-Nice “EMAG” Album here 






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John Jigg$ Follows Up EP Release With Visuals For "Good Friday" • Word Is Bond

Just mere weeks after the release of his “Teflon John” EP, John Jigg$ releases a new project “Good Friday” produced entirely by DJ Concept. The EP is available for digital streaming and purchase.

The lyrical monarch gathered his team and headed West to shoot visuals for “Good Friday” the single.  The crew compassed downtown, the walk of fame, city lights, and event the streets of Crenshaw for images to coincide with the record. Jigg$ describes  “Good Friday” as days he doesn’t resort back to the street, ounces of powder, or loading revolvers. He owns his grown man status and is evolving his deserved shine.  It’s evident his only mission is to “turn dreams into fortune.” 

Jigg$ doesn’t skip a beat and bar for bar sets flame to his own A-game. This ultimate alliance of rhymes and distinct arrangement of beats classifies “Good Friday” as a classic for the Hip-Hop books.


Video directed by Doomer Henry

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Clay Dub Releases Part 1 Of Short Film-Song Series "Best Friend" • Word Is Bond

Clay Dub, acclaimed artist known for creating music “good for the soul, good for the hips, for the mind, for the culture” releases part 1 of his 3 part song series. “Best Friend” is available now for digital streaming and purchase.

The classic Hip-Hip beats, and soulful thumping rhythm set the tone for Dub’s reminiscent tale. Dub cleverly intertwines his love for the culture with his Hip-Hop rooted flow to deliver a fun, feel good track.

Dub shows off his entrancing storytelling expertise to canvas nostalgia between friends.  What appears to be a forbidden childhood connection resurfaces into adulthood.  A believer in fate, Dub is convinced the run in isn’t coincidental.

The versatile lyricist reminds us of lost innocence. “Best Friend” will take listeners back in time to “check yes or no if you like me” note passing, and harmless giggles in class.  However, do remember this is a series so prepare for a cliffhanger.

Stream “Best Friend” here

Who is Clay Dub, click here


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New Visuals "We Still Have a Dream" by Sonny King and Pietro of Music For Love • Word Is Bond

Sonny King and Pietro are artists with the organization Music for Love.  The organization was developed to spread awareness on charity projects, help people in need, and to support communities in different countries around the world.

Sonny and Pietro create and share music to demonstrate their devout commitment towards change. As they strive for peace and harmony they turn to the celebrated speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..  His “Dream” offers hope even in today’s troubled times and suffering. Sonny and Pietro grasp a beacon of light from “I Have a Dream” to solicit help to heal the world.

“We Still Have a Dream” is the latest collaboration of Sonny King and Pietro. The video captures the elated smiles and life of all ages. The duo also captures authentic interaction with people from all walks of life. It is evident they will not turn their backs on MLK Jr.’s speech or our tarnished nation.

“Music for love take the pain away/from the heavens above and places far away/music for love let it light the way”

The percussions and upbeat sounds of drums blended with other instruments set the tone for this joyous message of peace and hope. Stream “We Still Have a Dream” here.

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